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Trim Tab Hinge Play

Another Bearhawk owner found play in both pitch trim tab hinges. Upon inspection I found the same issue with mine. At the time we tried various fixes to remove the play, including up-sizing the hinge pins to closer tolerance ones, machining specific close tolerance pins, etc.

Discussion with another experienced Bearhawk builder and aircraft engineer in USA showed the same issue had occurred on other Bearhawks. A suggestion was made to remove the hinge pins, coat them with silicon sealant, then reinstall and allow to dry before checking for proper control movement and travel.

Further advice was to inspect and redo every 100 hours if needed. This had apparently already been done on a number Bearhawks in the USA.

At the time we were somewhat skeptical about the fix. However, after applying the fix and allowing to dry the elevators and trim tabs were free to move throughout their full range, with no play.

Now, some 300 hours later, there is still no play in the hinges and they are continuing to perform very well.


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