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Fuel Selectors

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Most Bearhawks have a fuel system with a L - BOTH - R - OFF selector.

When flying out of balance (uncoordinated), a number of pilots have observed a higher fuel burn from one tank when operating with the fuel selector in the BOTH position.

In an attempt to prevent transfer or uneven fuel burn, some aircraft have had a fuel selector installed without a BOTH position.

Fuel Selector choice

The fuel system is designed to have a L - BOTH - R - OFF fuel selector installed. The normal practice is to fly with the fuel tank selector in BOTH.

A Bearhawk Safety notice was issued in October 2008 HERE that cautions that Takeoffs and Landings should be made with fuel in both tanks, and the fuel selector in the BOTH position.

It also cautions that if taking off or landing with the fuel selector in either the L or R position, that the selected tanks should be least half full.

If a fuel selector without a BOTH position was installed, (or if either L or R is selected), then in a low fuel quantity and out of balance situation the fuel may have no way to access the fuel ports, and the engine may stop. This is less likely to occur while having the fuel selector in the BOTH position in coordinated flight.


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