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Flap Limit speeds and Maximum angles

Bearhawk designer Bob Barrows issued an engineering notice HERE. It is understood that the notice applies to those models with larger flap area than the original A model.

The engineering notice specifies the maximum angles for each flap setting with airloads. Previously, flap settings did not specify whether they were measured with airloads, or without airloads. Flaps tend to deflect approximately 10° further with airloads.

In addition, a number of Bearhawk plans erroneously indicated 3 flap settings whereas the mechanical flap assembly contained 4 notches, and these were matched with incorrect flap limit speeds.

Most aircraft are required to have a placard showing the flap limit speeds. Those that are placarded using the flap angle in degrees as a reference may need to be altered to comply with the notice. Placards that simply refer to the notch i.e. F4 55kts may only need to be altered if the speed was incorrect.


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