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Aileron Reflex

The designer recommends reflexing the ailerons approximately 3/8" above the trailing edge to help reduce adverse yaw. This works by reducing the amount of down-going aileron, and placing the neutral position in an already slightly up position.

It also markedly reduces control stick roll forces and leads to a very pleasant roll response.

A secondary effect of the aileron reflex is that it acts as wing washout. This is a desirable effect, particularly on a STOL aircraft. Because of the simplicity of the Bearhawk wing design there is no other measurable washout in the wing when built.

Washout helps during a stall. It causes the wing root to stall before the wing tips, giving better roll control at the onset of the stall. Due to this effect the Bearhawk can be held into a stall and develop a high sink rate. It is demonstrated with full flap, power on, the inboard wing area stalled and the outboard wing area flying.


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