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My name is Neville Bailey. After a career in aviation I retired and built a 4-place Bearhawk B model that first flew in December 2021.

Building and flying the Bearhawk has been a fun journey. It allows me to regularly access the backcountry of NZ, exploring the aircraft's capabilities and becoming reacquainted with light aircraft and mountain flying. This website shares the information I've learned along the way.


While there's plenty of manuals and videos to assist with building a Bearhawk, there's less documented about how to rig, test, and fly it well, and the real world performance to expect. There's also an absence of maintenance and safety related information that is easily accessible to all pilots, and all in one place.


The collection of articles contained here focuses on the areas that were difficult to find information on, but necessary to become fully acquainted with all aspects of the Bearhawk.



Neville Bailey - Christchurch, New Zealand.


+64 29 129 6320

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